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Coborn Exhibits new PL150 at GrindingHub 2024!

Coborn will be introducing the new PL150 (Planetary Lapping Machine) at GrindingHub 14-17 May! Coborn’s Planetary Lapping machines are designed to polish the top surface of PCD discs to a flat, mirror finish. They can also be used to polish CVD discs/wafers. Please drop by our stand for a demonstration at GrindingHub:
Hall 10
Stand C81
Key Features Include:
·        Variable speed fixture rotation.
·        Ø 150mm PCD/CVD discs may be processed.
·        Programmable pressure with up to five different forces during the program.
·        Enclosure – enhanced safety feature for secure working environment.
·        User-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring.
·        Built-in OPC server for remote monitoring of machine performance and wear. Wireless and cloud options available.

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