About Coborn
Leaders in the supply of machines for the Diamond Tooling Industry

For nearly 70 years, Coborn Engineering has been actively involved in many aspects of machine tool design and manufacture. Established in 1941, the company initially manufactured high precision spindle and balancing machines. In 1962 this developed into manufacturing Scaif Spindles and Planetary Grinding (PG) machines for the gem and single crystal diamond industry. Then, with the introduction of polycrystalline diamonds in 1978, Coborn designed and manufactured the Reciprocating Grinding (RG) machines. In 2002 Coborn also introduced a laser cutting machine for PCD.

Coborn has a unique, global position supplying specialised, individually built, high-precision equipment to the polycrystalline diamond industry and the gemstone and natural diamond tooling industries, with over 80% of machines being exported throughout the world.

In addition to the RG machines for the PCD tooling market the other products include Planetary Grinding (PG) machines for natural diamond and single crystal diamonds, scaif spindles, high frequency milling and grinding spindles, dynamic balancing machines, lapping, polishing and edge honing machines.

Coborn continually strive to improve their products and service. Coborn works closely with their customers - this contributes greatly to product development and performance enhancement. Coborn uses the latest machine tool technology, combining in-house hardware and software design with the best equipment available from around the world.

If you are in the diamond tooling industry Coborn is the ideal partner.

Coborn Won the Havering Business of the Year Award for 2010, at a Black Tie ceremony held on Friday 1st October
Pictured (left to right): Carolyn Innocent, John Maxwell, Karen Hustwitt, John Innocent (Chairman), Ardeep Singh Kohli (Host), Jeremy West (Sponsor),
Paul Robins, Vince Leatt, Councillor Michael White

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