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Over 50 years of continuous development, design and manufacture of all parts of the Coborn range of very rigid and accurate diamond grinding machines has seen an increased demand for retrofit, updating and rebuild of our models.

Over 80% of Coborn's machines are still in use throughout the world, underpinning a reputation for unbeatable quality, reliability and economy.

Enquiries are welcomed for refurbishment of any Coborn machine. We will also consider purchasing your old machine.


New spindles

For nearly 70 years Coborn has designed and manufactured high precision spindles for use in many different applications (including the Coborn diamond tool grinding machines). Using our considerable knowledge and experience we have designed and built high precision spindles for numerous companies in the field of aerospace and machine tools.

If you have a requirement for spindles in your company, either for new, remanufactured or reconditioned units, Coborn is one of the largest manufacturers of belt and electrically driven spindles in the UK.

Coborn manufactures both standard and custom built spindles for Grinding, Routing, Milling and Special Purposes, in both belt drive and electrical drive, from diameters as small as 25mm to very large 100kW high torque units. Complete packages with Inverter drive, Oil/Air lubrication and coolant systems for High Frequency Spindles are available.

Coborn is a specialist in producing ‘one offs’ to maximise the potential of any machine. Electronic control systems for spindles or ancillary equipment can be manufactured by Coborn, using bespoke, ‘in-house’, user friendly software, with upgrades or extras readily available. This means that you are not constrained by current mainstream software capabilities.

Sindle repair/ refurbishment

Coborn offers a comprehensive spindle repair programme, covering all types of spindles. Any new part required can be made ‘in-house’, achieving a fast, economic delivery, Coborn holds an extensive stock of bearings so that in practise 90% of spindles can be repaired without the delay of outsourcing the bearings. A re-engineering service is also available by which a possible inadequate or unsuitable original spindle can be improved. A pick up and delivery service is also available in most circumstances.

All the spindles are guaranteed for 12 months or 2,500 hours operation.


Coborn is a specialist in Dynamic Balancing. As well as building balancing machines for over 60 years Coborn has a separate Balancing Department that is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 (Cert no FS 39578) standard and is an approved supplier to Rolls Royce.

With our expertise, we can:

  • Balance in either one or two planes.
  • To correct, we can eccentrically turn, mill, drill, or use hand work. (e.g Hand scraping is the most effective way of correcting certain titanium parts).
  • Design & manufacture mandrels to mount components, to ensure the balance is truly relative to geometrical axis.
  • Conduct various ' techniques' to ensure mandrel is compensated for if, if location axis is not coincident with mandrel axis. Also have techniques whereby a batch of components, with bore sizes varying can be accurately balanced, without the 'oversized ones' producing spurious results.
  • Offer a consultancy service, on how best to correct. Plus recommend revisions to procedures to facilitate future batches.
  • We have the ability to balance down to G0.01. Generally, with components for remounting G0.4 is certainly of more than adequate accuracy, but high speed shafts, rotating at greater than 20,000 rpm, can benefit from balancing down to a lower threshold.
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