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Coborn-as-a-Service: The Smart Solution

Coborn supports your investment in our Smart technology by offering finance solutions to meet your requirements.

You can now personalise your Coborn products and services and pay for your usage in one monthly invoice.

Coborn-as-a-Service enables you to bundle our products and services for an agreed period. This solution is provided by way of a fixed recurring monthly fee with no upfront or hidden extra costs, making our machines more affordable and easily available.

  • Cash Flow – Instant profits from machine output. Payback is immediate. Known cost, better financial planning.
  • Partnership – Partner objectives aligned through continual quality of service ensuring higher machine reliability, availability and performance.
  • Service – Coborn is responsible for all maintenance costs. Consistent pro-active support to remove the worry of machine failures.

The agreement period can be flexible, ranging from one to five years and has the added benefit of an option to renew or even purchase the machine outright at the end of the agreement.

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