Gemstone production machines

80% of all high value diamonds are polished on a Coborn scaife


Gem diamonds are ‘forever’ we are told. Whether the gem is made from natural (SCD) or synthetic (MCD/CVD) diamond, the four ‘Cs’ – colour, carat, clarity and cut – summarise the key characteristics of each individual stone. The first three are characteristics of the material itself.

Cut is where precision lapping and polishing machines (and skill) are vitally important. The accuracy of perfectly polished facets internally reflecting light ensure the diamond expresses that all important sparkle.

Gemstone Products

Bench Series

Coborn’s Bench series includes Planetary Scaif benches which are generally used to polish facets on single crystal diamond tools. They may also be used in gem diamond polishing. The bench combines the high speed rotation of a scaif plate with a relatively slow, smooth, horizontal planetary motion. The planetary motion speed is variable between 0-50 cycles/minute.

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Scaife Series

Coborn Engineering Co. Ltd. Have been producing Scaife Polishing Motors for the last 60 years. We have built up a well deserved reputation for only producing the highest quality motorised spindles and our motors are widely regarded as the best motors available on the world wide market. All of our motors are for use on an open topped bench.

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