SK-KKAS - Coborn Engineering

SK-KKAS Scaife Spindle 2.2kW

Coborn scaife spindles are precision instruments designed for years of continuous use for diamond polishing.


Coborn Engineering Co. Ltd. Have been producing Scaife Polishing Motors for the last 60 years. We have built up a well deserved reputation for only producing the highest quality motorised spindles and our motors are widely regarded as the best motors available on the world wide market. All of our motors are for use on an open topped bench.

This option is the COBORN Height Adjustable self pressurised ‘Airflow’ TM Extraction motor, the polishing dust produced during working is exhausted away from the work area, without the need for additional expensive extraction equipment. The flange of these motors is
bolted directly to the underside of the bench top, and has two dust ejection openings, both with stone traps so your polished goods are never in danger of getting lost.

These two openings can be piped into a stand alone filter box, (all parts for this can be supplied by Coborn, when enquiring for this mention the Coborn Filter Kit) or piped into a centralised extraction system, for a multitude of benches. On the bench top to guide the dust into the ‘Airflow’ bowl a shroud is required (the Coborn table top shroud), that encircles the plate, this can be supplied at two working heights, LOW-for working level with the table, or HIGH- for working up to 25mm above the table height. These motors are also height adjustable with an adjustable range of 36mm.

the 2.2kW option is the Sk-KKAS.


SK-KKAS scaife in factory
Centralises scaife plate so rotational axis of plate and Rotational axis of motorised shaft are exactly concentric allowing best possible balancing conditions, extended motor life, and less vibration
Motors with a Self Pressurised Dust extraction bowl flange, centrifugally throw ‘dirty’ cutting air off of plate surface, this is drawn into the flange and a vortex created, this vortex expels 98% of the diamond dust created into a centralised extraction system or ‘Coborn bench mounted Filter Kit’. These motors are also adjustable height.
The rotating parts are balance to G0.1 (4x better than Gyroscopic limits) the faces are turned or ground to within 0.00001”. The motor can be run on 220V or 380V 3 Phase power, is fully height adjustable, Air Cooled and can be run through a frequency controller to vary and set speed accurately.

Sk-KKAS AIRFLOW Scaife Motor

• Adjustable Height
• Expanding Nose – 50mm OR 2” OR 2”Taper
• Self Pressurised Airflow Extraction
• 2.2kW
• 50/60Hz
• 220/380V 3 Phase input
• Can be run with Single Phase through a Coborn Inverter
• Motor also available with 1.1kW Power

Sk-KKBS AIRFLOW Scaife Motor

• Adjustable Height
• Expanding Nose – 50mm OR 2” OR 2”Taper
• Self Pressurised Airflow Extraction
• 1.1kW
• 50/60Hz
• 220/380V 3 Phase input
• Can be run with Single Phase through a Coborn Inverter

  • Frequency controlling inverter drive
    For variable speed allows accurate speed control between 1,500 - 4,200 rpm housed in an earthed lockable box, with remote switching and an external braking resistor for controlled acceleration and deceleration protecting scaife motor bearings and extending life

  • Bi-directional spindle rotation
    Can be added on any inverter purchased, pinned Caps can be supplied, to allow safe working when running Clockwise (Normal rotation is Anti-clockwise)

  • Bronze Expanding nose
    Supplied as standard on all scaife spindles allows plate to be mounted and removed easily by reducing undersize when loose, and oversize when tightened centres plates, even with a worn oversize bore, for best balancing conditions available in 50mm, 2 Inch, or 2” Taper Diameters

  • Expanding nose spanner
    To tighten or loosen the Coborn Bronze expanding nose |
  • Cast iron scaife plates
    Available - See separate below |
  • Impregnated plates
    Available - See separate below |

  • PB2 - Portable balancing unit
    Allows plate balance to be fine tuned in-situ, on motor removing virtually all vibration from polishing system visit here for more information

  • Coborn filter kit for use with Airflow motor types
    Consists of Filter Box, 2 Mesh Filters, Mounting Bars to attach box to bench, all ducting and pipe clips. Coupled with the table top shroud removes 98% of the Diamond Dust from the atmosphere

  • Coborn table top shroud
    Sited on top of bench, overlaps the scaife plate by 2mm, and guides ‘dirty’ cutting air into airflow motor flange, which takes Diamond Dust (self pressurised) through to Coborn Filter Kit or centralised extraction system

  • Scaife Plates
    Coborn can supply Diamond Impregnated plates which come in four grades.
  • • FF – Fine grain final polishing
    • MM – Medium grain polishing, for larger stones
    • BB – Coarse grain for facet creation or stock removal

    The impregnations are 2.5mm deep and each grain type contains a different size of diamond particles, thus giving the types different polishing properties (softer or harder etc.)
    Particles in FF plate are all smaller than 20 Microns in size
    MM Plate are all smaller than 40 Microns
    BB Plate are all smaller than 60 Microns
    The impregnation area is usually about 2-5 millimetres from the edge of the plate and extends inward by the desired amount. Obviously, the larger the ‘band of diamond’ the greater the cost. Band widths are available in several steps from 20mm – 80mm.
    All plates from Coborn are balanced to perfection; there may be a slight vibration when used due to Mis-location but with EN nose this should not be apparent.

  • Coborn also supply 3 types of cast iron scaife plates
    Extra Fine (Turbo)
    Very small ‘pores’ (holes in metal), can only be used with small grain powders, for final polishing.
    Brinell Hardness Scale - Turbo – 450 HB Turbo
    Vickers Hardness Scale - 485 HV Turbo
    Rockwell ‘B’ Hardness Scale - 117 HRB
  • Fine
    Small pores, to be used for final polishing on stones less than one carat. Can be used with larger grain powder.
    Brinell Hardness Scale - 250 HB Fine
    Vickers Hardness Scale - 250 HV Fine
    Rockwell ‘B’ Hardness Scale - 101 HRB
  • Medium
    Larger pores can be used with larger powder sizes, can be used for final polishing of stones greater than 1 carat or for quicker stock removal/blocking/facet creation.
    Brinell Hardness Scale - 220 HB Medium
    Vickers Hardness Scale - 220 HV Medium
    Rockwell ‘B’ Hardness Scale - 96 HRB

    These come in sizes either 330mm diameter or 310mm diameter, the 330mm size is perfect for our standard bench.
    All plates from Coborn are balanced to perfection; there may be a slight vibration when used due to Mis-location but with EN nose this should not be apparent.
  • Coborn can supply varying grades of Diamond powder and Specialised Cutting Fluid for Cast Iron Plate Preparation
    Bore of plates will be true to 1/10 thousandths of an inch and correct for spindle nose size.
    All plates impregnated or prepared plates must be worked-in/opened, prior to use, this is especially important for plates with a larger particle size, otherwise the stone will rip through the diamond paste/layer rather than running over it, thus cutting the diamond.

Skive Spindles Datasheet

Coborn skive spindles datasheet


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