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Coborn on the BBC

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The British Bid is a global initiative designed to demonstrate the best in the British business, flying the flag of Britain excellence and, ultimately, generating new growth via overseas trade.

The British Bid producers got in touch and Coborn happily agreed to be involved in a short film. Within this film, the Directors discuss the unique position Coborn holds globally within the diamond industry, supplying specialised, high precision equipment to the polycrystalline diamond industry, single crystal diamond and gemstone industries, over 90% of Coborn’s machines are exported globally. Interviews were taken with Coborn’s Managing Director Steve Westlake and Coborn’s Technical Director Michael Scarfe.

We are on the brink of a revolution in diamond technology. ‘We live in exciting times,’ says Steve Westlake. ‘Diamonds are the hardest material known, and we help people around the world grind, lap, laser cut and polish them.’

Although when we think of diamonds, we may think of engagement rings, the applications for the material go beyond jewellery. For example, when a major phone manufacturer started making their products out of aluminium rather than plastic, the need for cutting patterns into metal to produce as many as a million units a day created a boom for Coborn.

All different industry sectors from air & space all the way to pharmaceuticals benefit from Coborn’s cutting tools for their manufacturing processes. Consumers producing surgical equipment for eye and brain surgery from diamond need to be extremely sharp producing microfine cuts. Through years of experience and experimentation Coborn can facilitate this and so much more with their machinery as they have come up with an ideal formula for generating the correct cutting conditions to form diamonds into any state required.

‘We haven’t even touched, what we can achieve with this product. We are in the middle of a manufacturing revolution.’ – Steve Westlake

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