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PG3B - Planetary Grinding Machine

Designed to create low or controlled waviness, radius tools, multiple facet tools and conical tools.

The PG3B has air bearings for both the pivot and the water cooled wheel spindle. The machine is designed for making:
• Low or controlled waviness, radius tools
• Multiple facet tools, conical tools

The pivot motion is automatic and controlled via a touchscreen. Pivot angle limits, dwell time at end of stroke and pivot speed can all be pre-set.

If ‘hard’ spots exist on the diamond then temporary pivot limits can be selected whilst running.

Tools are inspected via a VS5G vision system.



Main motions
Wheel spindle Air bearing
Speed 0 – 12,000 rpm
Spindle direction Clockwise and Anti-clockwise
Spindle tilt 0 – 20 degrees
Stroke length 0 – 28 mm
Pivot spindle Air bearing
Pivot range 182 degrees (+/- 91 deg)
Planetary motion Continuous/jog
Planetary direction Clockwise and Anti-clockwise
Work range
Maximum radius 75 mm
Conical clearance 0-20 degrees
Cylindrical clearance 0-20 degrees
Main Options
Rotary fixture – CF13
Metal bond or cast iron laps
• Main controls sited off the machine to minimize
transmitted vibrations
• Automatic pivot motion
• Variable lapping load 0.5 – 3 kg
• Precision ‘place’ and ‘lift’ mechanism
• Tool inspection by vision system
• In-feed precision 0.1 μm
• Digital pivot angle display
• Synthetic granite base
• Metric or imperial versions
• Remote diagnosis over internet

  • Coning & indexing fixture
  • Capacity via collets (to be specified
    Up to 12mm
  • Continuous rotation possible
  • Indexing plate (to be specified)
    12 or 6 position

PG3B Technical Specification

Full technical specification for the PG3B


PG3B Brochure Page 1

PG3B Brochure Page 1

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PG3B Brochure Page 2

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PG3B Brochure Page 3

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