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The PG6 is an automatic, ultra-high precision grinding machine that is designed specifically for processing natural or synthetic single crystal diamond (SCD) tools. A world-first engineering solution for the precision manufacture of controlled waviness and complex geometry tools using high quality air bearings for both wheel spindle and the pivot. Programming is extremely simple and minimal training is required.

The PG6 features a new closed loop nano-stop for more accurate finishing of the radius form and the high resolution PoE camera is used in conjunction with an improved optical lens system to enable tool measurements and geometry validation. The updated system provides a quick exchange for optional lenses. The enhanced vision system positioning stages are equipped with 1um resolution micrometre heads for ease of use and more accurate positioning.

The output power of the lap spindle is increased by more than double, compared to its predecessor the PG4, to enable higher grinding loads and the PG6 is equipped with an LED light source with dual fibre optic goose-neck delivery allowing more precise positioning of the lighting. The optional extraction unit with dual suction points facilitates the removal of any diamond particles to create a cleaner working environment.

Coborn offers a number of optional, enhanced software packages for the PG6, which include;

Curve Block - To enable the processing of elliptical, hyperbolic, parabolic and cubic forms.

Profile Block - To generate a concave form with multiple blended radii.

Contour Block - To generate a concave form with a single radius.

Helical Block - To generate SCD end mills with primary and secondary cutting clearances.

K-Land Block - To perform a negative cutting edge around the flanks and radius of a tool.

The floating table position is monitored using a five nanometre resolution scale. This measurement is plotted against the pivot angle enabling the operator to identify any points of excessive push-off. The PG6 also features acoustic tracing. A touch probe is supplied to enable audio monitoring of the grinding process. The machine enhances this well-established technology to plot a graph of amplitude against pivot position giving a visual representation of any variations.


•  High resolution touch-screen
•  Tool profiles generated from tool program
•  Digital zoom and image dragging facility
•  Simple programming via menus
•  Machine operation training in one day
•  Rotary axis training in one additional day
•  Fast Windows-based PC and associated drives
•  Connects to grinding machine by umbilical harness to avoid vibration transmission
•  All units pluggable
•  Remote diagnostics via internet
•  3 phase, multi voltage/multi-frequency supply
•  GigE camera for fast image capture
•  X, Y micrometre adjustment for camera alignment
•  Extra long focal length for in-process inspection
•  x60 - x600 magni cation
•  x1000 magnification - optional extra (inspection only)
•  Ultra-high precision air-bearing
•  Water cooled to provide thermal stability
•  Speed up to 12,000 rpm programmable
•  Rotation direction programmable
•  Brushless, vibration-free integral drive
•  High precision linear bearings
•  Constant load, dead weight systems, 0.5-3.0kg
•  5nm infeed scale
•  Programmable table force
•  For optimum vibration damping and thermal stability
•  Coborn, high-precision planetary with rolling element design
•  0.1° planetary position resolution
•  AC servo motor drive via non-influencing motor and belt
•  Speed, direction and angular position programmable
•  0 - 20° tilt for conical clearance
•  Non-influencing linear drive
•  Can be synchronised
•  Fully programmable speed and stroke
•  Sinusoidal acceleration / deceleration
•  X,Y tool position adjustment via micrometers
•  Tool height adjustable
•  +/-20° tilt cylindrical clearance
•  Nest accepts round and square shank tools
•  An extraction unit with dual suction points to extract any diamond particles for a cleaner working environment.
• Ultra high precision air-bearing pivot

• Brushes, vibration free integral drive

• <50nm rotational error

• Maximum arc of rotation 182°

• Position resolution 0.001°

• Position & speed programmable
• Cools tool shank using sub-zero compressed air

• Removes thermal expansion effects

• Programmable ‘on/off’

Machine dimensions (w x d x h) – 790mm x 1310mm x 1900mm

Control tower dimensions (w x d x h) – 610mm x 640mm x 1910mm

Machine weight – 800kg

Control tower weight – 160kg

CNC control system – CNC control with Intel i7 processor running Coborn .net software on a Windows platform

Grinding wheel spindle – 2.0kW 0 – 12000 rpm programmable liquid cooled high-precision air spindle

Grinding wheel – Ø 85mm Metal bond wheel or cast iron lap

Pivot spindle – High-precision air spindle with radial error ≤ 0.00005mm

Process inspection – Coborn integrated camera inspection system X60 to X600 magnification

Electrical requirements – 380 / 220 3phase 50/60 Hz 16amps

Mechanical options – Rotary axis (RM) programmable, Coning spindles (CS) manual, Work piece clamping systems

  • RM76 - Rotary Axis
    For coning, cylindrical grinding and index positioning. Programmable rotation to 0.001°. Collet chuck to suit tools up to Ø16mm. Other adaptors available.
  • TRC – Tool Radius Check
    Microscope with image analysis software to measure tool radius and radius waviness. Generates custom designed QC graphical data sheets which can then be supplied with the associated tool.
  • Extraction Unit
    An extraction unit with dual suction points to extract any diamond particles for a cleaner working environment.
  • SAM – Metal Bond Wheels
    High quality, porosity free. Extremely long life, designed for dry grinding. Dynamically balanced to gyroscopic tolerances.
  • Optional Software Modules
    Helical Block. Curve Block. Contour Block. K-Land Block. Profile Block. DXF Import Module.

PG6 Floor Plan

Floor Plan and dimensions for the P6


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