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RG9A Laser Measuring System

Get the exact geometry you want with the Coborn RG9A Laser Measuring System. This sophisticated laser-beam measuring system can be used to accurately reposition the RM Rotary axis, in order to eliminate loading and brazing errors. The laser uses a triangulation system with aid from the camera to measure the beam’s position and alter the machine’s axis positions giving a high degree of accuracy and precision.

The system also has the capability of using this triangulation system to correct the machine’s grinding blocks for both tip height and rake angle. This can be used to update the information in the grinding program, significantly improving grinding results.

Programming the Laser Measuring System is fast and simple using the same platform as the grinding blocks, as used on all Coborn machines. The user writes the 210 laser block and simply places it in the grinding sequence.

The Laser Measuring System can be purchased at point of sale or as an add-on, retro-fit kit at a later date. For further information or quote please contact sales@coborn.com

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