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RG9A Peripheral Software

The Coborn RG9A Peripheral Software is used to grind a tool’s outer edge geometry profile, allowing you to grind multiple tipped inserts with ease and precision. The Peripheral Software can produce shapes with standard or elliptical profiles.

To make the Peripheral Software user-friendly it has an integrated Peripheral ISO Wizard, which is used to automatically generate tool grinding programs. The Wizard allows you to type in an insert’s ISO Designation and the machine creates a program based on the information you have provided. Upon entering the ISO number the machine creates a program containing the insert’s shape, relief angle, tolerance, insert type (with hole or solid), inscribed circle, tool thickness, radius size and with or without K-Land added.

The software also creates a tool image based on this information allowing the user to quickly identify any inaccuracies in the program or the given ISO Designation, significantly improving grinding results.

The Peripheral Software package can be purchased at point of sale or can easily be added remotely at a later date. Please contact sales@coborn.com for further details or a quote.