Diamond Polishing Process Development R&D Intern - Coborn Engineering

Diamond Polishing Process Development R&D Intern

Location: United Kingdom

Posted on: 24th February 2020 - Closing on: 30th June, 2020


Do you have a passion for development? This internship may be just for you. This project involves investigating and developing the process for polishing (lapping) synthetic diamond with a new technology that Coborn owns the exclusive licence to.


  • Research ways and develop the process to measure material removal and surface finish.
  • Decide which type(s) of instrumentation to develop into a prototype.
  • Develop the hardware, testing method and anything else required to realise a prototype.
  • This is a 50/50 hands-on/office based role, so expect to get dirty at times.
  • Present the work in a presentation to Coborn employees.
  • There will be a group side-project which all interns will take part in (to be decided).
  • There is no fixed start date but we are looking for someone to start in July 2020.


  • Previous experience as an intern is desirable.
  • Evidence of previous projects would be desirable.
  • Ability to work with a reasonable amount of autonomy is essential in our workplace.
  • An understanding of SolidWorks Mechanical (or similar) would be desirable.

Coborn is a well-established engineering company with over 75 years of history. We play a vital role in the diamond tooling and gemstone industry through the production of grinding machines. Our international customer base spans over different continents. We have been recognised on several occasions for our engineering excellence. This includes receiving the Queen’s award for international trade in 2012. More recently, Coborn was named in the Top 10 Precision Manufacturing Tech Solution Providers for 2020 (due to be) published by Manufacturing Technology Insights.

At Coborn, we produce machinery capable of shaping the hardest material in the world, diamond. With our partners in Belgium, we have been granted exclusive licence to a ground-breaking process and need to validate the technology and the advantages thereof within the market for the successful launch of our new product range. The successful candidate will be expected to research, propose, prototype and present a solution, or solutions to this area of interest. This work will be extremely useful for the company as we are in the process of developing multiple platforms around this technology.

What We Offer

Coborn will support you every step of the way with the project but give you fundamental ownership, supported by the design manager who is responsible for this developing technology. If you take on this internship you will gain a great insight into what it is like to work in an engineering company and face a lot of the challenges that you would face in a real job scenario.

We will give you other tasks alongside this project as engineers rarely work on just one project. Through this you will have an opportunity to enhance your management skills. This will stand you in good stead at university or in a job.

In addition to this project, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to get stuck into other company activities including a group project to be worked on by all interns. This will be discussed with the candidate and can include other development work or something else such as design work or gaining a deeper understanding of the diamond industry.

Our working hours are flexible. The doors are open 7AM-7PM Monday to Friday with compulsory hours being 9AM-3:30PM Monday to Thursday and 9AM-12:30PM on Fridays. We are based in Romford and are within walking distance to transport links.